ISSH Indian Society for Surgery of the Hand

ISSHCON 2017 Video

Session 01 Nerve

  • Traumatic Peripheral Nerve Injuries Dr Praveen Bhardwaj

  • Restoring Hand Function in Global BPP Dr Anil Bhatia

  • Restoring Upper Limb Function in Cervical Cord Injuries Prof Jayme Bertelli

  • Late Presentation of Brachial Plexus Palsy Dr Anil Bhatia

  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Prof Aymeric Lim

  • Decision Making in OBPP Dr Mukund Thatte

  • Free Papers

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Panel Discussion

Session 02 Wrist

  • Keynote Address Prof Max Haerle

  • My Understanding of PLD Prof Richard Gelberman

  • Salvaging the Lunate in Kienbock's Disease Dr Bharath Kadadi

  • MRI & Arthroscopy - What I see, What I don't? Dr Abhijit Wahegaonkar

  • Pitfalls in the Management of DER Fractures Dr Jeff Ecker

  • Lunate Fossa Fragment in DER Fractures Dr David Tan

  • Ulnar Styloid Fragment - To Fix or Not to Fix? Prof Sanj Kakar

  • Wrist - Free Papers

  • First CMC Arthritis - Is Congruency Required? Dr Anil Bhat

  • First CMC Arthritis - LRTI-What Really Works? Dr Hemant Patankar

  • First CMC Arthritis - Mini Tightrope-Will it Replace Conventional LRTI? Dr Andrea Atzei

  • First CME Arthritis - Do Arthroplasty & Arthrodesis have a Place? Dr Sunil Thirkannad

  • First CME Arthritis - Discussion

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