Celebrating 50 Golden Years
of Hand Surgery in India

ISSH - Journal of Hand Surgery - Asia Pacific

Journal of Hand Surgery (Asia Pacific) is the official journal of the Indian Society for Surgery of the Hand. It is published bimonthly, with 6 issues per year. The ISSH gets a special subscription rate for its members and the annual subscription rate for the year is Rs 6800.

As a value for the membership and further encourage the members to attend the ISSHCON, further subsidy is done by the ISSH Trust for its members.

ISSH members who attended the ISSHCON 2022 at Jaipur need to pay only Rs 3800 and the balance of Rs 3000 will be subsidized by the ISSH trust.

ISSH members who did not attend the ISSHCON 2022 will obtain member benefits by paying Rs 4800 towards subscription and the balance of Rs 2000 will be subsidized by the ISSH trust.

Non Members of the ISSH will pay Rs 6800.

These special rates are only available when subscribed through ISSH.

The journals will be sent from the Coimbatore office of the ISSH by Regd parcel post.

Subscription tariff