Celebrating 50 Golden Years
of Hand Surgery in India

ISSH Project Research Wing

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Project No.1
Normative data of upper limb in Indian population
  • Aim: To document and publish various upper limb Normative data in Indian population.
  • Plan of implementation: Fourteen projects have been chosen to be implemented by participation from various pro-investigator and co-investigators. Nine studies are multi centric and collaborative in nature involving seven institutions.
  • Time line: Studies are expected to be over by June 2022.
  • Outcomes: Conference presentation as a separate session in ISSHCON 2022 and publication in a reputed journal as a special issue.
Project No.2
Multi centric study from Research wing members
  • Aim: To conduct a relevant multi centric collaborative study among the institutions and hand surgeons of research wing members for a very specific problem statements.
  • Plan of implementation: Dr. Hari Venkatramani will formulate the problem statement and decide on the participating stake holders.
  • Time line: Six months starting from January 2022.
  • Outcomes: for publications and presentations.
Project No.3
Formulation of Clinical practice guidelines
  • Aim: To provide practicing hand surgeons of ISSH members best practice guidelines for common hand pathologies.
  • Plan of implementation: Dr.Ajeesh, Dr.Rohan, Dr.Satish and Dr.Arya will work as a group to formulate the guidelines. Dr.Sheeja, Dr.John Santhoshi, Dr.Vishal Mago and Dr.Tahir Ansari will validate the clinical practice guidelines once it is ready.
  • Time line: January 2022 - April 2022.
  • Outcomes: The clinical practice guidelines will be displayed on the ISSH web site for the use of ISSH members after thorough validation.
Project No.4
Comprehensive educational video library related to research
  • Aim: To produce short educational videos related to research methodology to be used by ISSH members for conducting scientific studies.
  • Plan of implementation: Dr.Karthikeyan, Dr.Vijay, Dr.Sheeja & Dr.Ravi Bhardwaj will work as a group to plan, design and produce these videos.
  • Time line: January 2022 – June 2022.
  • Outcomes: A comprehensive video repository in the ISSH web site for ISSH members.
Project No.5
Softwares to facilitate publication process
  • Aim: To provide the ISSH members suitable softwares to facilitate & speed up their publications.
  • Plan of implementation: Dr. Rohan and Dr. Srikanth Raveendran will provide the list of softwares like Grammarly Turn tin etc. and provide budget requirements for ISSH to provide the funds.
  • Time line: January 2022.
  • Outcomes: Increase in the case of publications by ISSH members.

Ongoing projects

1. Monthly research clinic

The monthly research clinic will be conducted on 4th Thursday of every month from 7.30 pm onwards on ISSH zoom platform.

  • Prospective study: Dr. Hari Venkatramani (completed on 25.11.2021)
  • Dr. Anil K. Bhat, case reports/case series: 27.01.2022.
  • Dr. Umar Farooq: 24.02.2022
  • Dr. Ajeesh: 24.03.2022
  • Dr. Rohan: 28.04.2022.

This cycle will continue with other faculty members subsequently

2. Patient outcome measures

These outcome measures for various clinical conditions of the upper limb is ready to be put on the web site

3. Research wing support for mentorship

Towards conducting different types of scientific studies including statistical consultancy. Those members requiring such guidance will contact the Chief of research wing Dr. Anil K. Bhat who will facilitate in allotting specific research wing member as a mentor for such studies.