Celebrating 50 Golden Years
of Hand Surgery in India

About Dr Robert Acland - S

Dr. Robert Acland transferred the copyright of his book, “Practice Manual for Microvascular Surgery” to the Indian Society for Surgery of the Hand. The reprint of the second edition was published by Indian Society for Surgery of the Hand in the year 2005 and was highly popular.

The third edition was published in the year 2008. Dr. S Raja Sabapathy collaborated in this third edition. M/s Carl Zeiss and M/s S& T sponsored the publication of this book. The overseas sales of the book was taken over by S&T and, out of the sale proceeds of the third edition, an overseas Traveling Fellowship has been created.

Dr. Robert Acland

Donation & request for book


Markus Spingler

The Executive Committee and the Members of the Indian Society for Surgery of the Hand profusely thanked the magnanimous gesture of Dr. Robert Acland and the support extended by Mr. Markus Spingler, Managing Director, S & T for making this award possible.