ISSH Indian Society for Surgery of the Hand


There are four types of Memberships:

  • 01
    Full Membership

    ISSH No longer offers Life Membership. All existing Life Members as on 31/12/2019, will be full members. Full membership is available for Hand Surgeons permanently residing in India.

  • 02
    Associate Membership

    Hand therapist, Orthoptists, doctors from specialties like Neurosurgery, Neurology, Radiology, Vascular Surgery, can apply for Associate Membership

  • 03
    International Membership

    Any Hand Surgeon who is not a citizen of India or is not a permanent resident of India can apply for international Membership

  • 04
    Honorary Membership

    The President of ISSH recommends a Hand Surgeon of repute for Honorary membership of ISSH. One cannot apply for this membership.

For rules governing ISSH Membership please read ISSH Constitution.

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