The two named orations in the Indian Society for Surgery of the Hand are named after the doyens
Prof R. Venkataswami & Prof B B Joshi

In the 1998 Annual meeting of the ISSH held atGoa, Dr. S. Raja Sabapathy, Organising secretary of the 1997 meet atCoimbatoreproposed the setting up of an oration in the name of Prof. R. Venkataswami, a pioneer in hand surgery in India.This was supported by Prof. G. Balakrishnan.After discussion in the floor it was decided that the minimum amount for setting up of the oration should be Rs.1 Lakh.It was agreed upon and Prof. R. Venkataswami oration was instituted to enable the first oration to be delivered in 1999. In the year 2000 Prof BB Joshi oration was formed with a similar corpus fund of Rs 1 Lakh. Dr Ram Praboo and Dr Pankaj Jindal were the coordinators. Each year a surgoen of repute in the field of Hand Surgery is invited to deliver the oration.

Prof R Venkataswami Oration Prof B B Joshi Oration
PadmashriH Srinivasan, Chennai Prof N H Antia, Pune
Place : Bangalore Place : Bangalore
Dr David Elliot, UK Dr Amit Gupta, USA
Title : Secondary Flexor Tendon Surgery Title : Use of Vascularised Free Fibula for Complex Reconstruction of Upper Extremity
Place : Gangtok, Sikkim. Place : Gangtok, Sikkim.
Dr Joseph Dias, Leicester, UK Dr W Bruce Conolly, Sydney, Australia
Title : Scaphoid : The challenges of a very tiny bone Title : Healing Hands Around the World
Place : Kochi, Kerala. Place : Kochi, Kerala.
Dr Robert J Medoff, Hawaii, USA Dr Edward T Mah, Australia
Title : “Thinking Outside of the Box, Changing Concepts in the Treatment of Distal Radius Fractures Title : “The Development of Microsurgery inRelation to Hand & Upper Limb Surgery - Historical Perspective and Current Status"
Place : Chandigarh Place : Chandigarh
Prof Duncan A McGrouther, Manchester, UK Dr. Warren C. Breidenbach, Louisville, USA
Title : "How to Promote Innovation in Hand Surgery?" Title : "Status of Hand Transplantation Today."
Place : Kodaikanal Place : Kodaikanal
Dr Steven F Morris, Canada Prof. Bruce R Johnstone, Australia
Title : "Recognizing Creative Genius and the Quest for Excellence in Hand Surgery." Title : Overview of Upper Limb Cerebral Palsy.
Place : Bangalore Place : Bangalore
Combined Meeting Special OrationThe Presidents' Orator Mr.Ian A.Trail,Wrightington, UK
Title :How I treat Arthritis of the Hand and Wrist
Dr. F. Del Pinal, Spain Poong Taek Kim, Korea
Title : “Rehabilitation of mutilated hand by toe transfer” Title : “Sports injury of hand and wrist”
Place : New Delhi Place : New Delhi
Professor Alain Gilbert, Paris Dr Lim Beng Hai, Singapore
Title : “Achievements, difficulties and perspectives of the treatment of congenital hand anomalies” Title : “Role of toe transfer in the Hand Reconstruction”
Place : Nashik Place : Nashik
Dr Aymeric Lim, Singapore Dr Wolfgang Huber, Austria
Title : “Super Microsurgery of Nerves” Title : “Carpal instabilities with emphasis on scapholunate injuries"
Place : Manipal Place : Manipal
 Prof. Jin Soo Kim, Korea  Prof. Steven Hovius, Netherlands
Title : “ Free Flaps for Hand” Title : "Operating on the Hand: What I used to do and what I still do."
Place : Amritsar Place : Amritsar
 Prof. Roberto Adani, Italy  Prof. Christophe Oberlin, France
Title : "Surgical reconstruction of traumatized thumb." Title : "Spastic Hand."
Place : Pune Place : Pune
Prof. Andrew Burd, Hong Kong  Dr. Marc Garcia Elias, Spain
Title: "Hand and Upper Extremity Burns - Burns Surgeon or Plastic Surgeon." Title: "What i have learnt after 35 years about Carpal Instability."
Place : Mangalore Place : Mangalore
Prof. Fuminori Kanaya, Japan  Prof. P. C. Ho, Hong kong
Title: "Functional Reconstruction of Congenital Anomaly of Upper Extremities" Title: "Arthroscopic Surgery of the Wrist - from Misty to Mighty"
Place : Indore Place : Indore
 Dr. Goo-Hyun Baek Prof. Martin I. Boyer
Title : "Nonvascularized Iliac Bone Grafting for Scaphoid Nonunion with Avascular Necrosis" Title : "Flexor Tendon Repair and Rehabilitation"
Place : Ranchi Place : Ranchi
Prof. Richard Gelberman, USA Prof. Jayme Bertelli, Brazil
Title : "Distal End Radius - 2017" Title : "Distal Nerve Transfers"
Place : Mumbai Place : Mumbai
Prof. L. Scott Levin, MD Jesse B Jupiter MD
Title: Orthoplastic Upper Extremity Surgery - 3 Decades of Evolution Title : Fractures of the Distal Radius – Current Treatement from Historical Perspective
Place : Coimbatore Place : Coimbatore