Celebrating 50 Golden Years
of Hand Surgery in India

Indian Normative Data of Upper Limb Project

Dear ISSH members,

Greetings from the ISSH Research wing. With immense pleasure, we inform you all that the ISSH Research wing has been actively planning the implementation of the aims and objectives of the wing in a phased manner, as intimated in the previous communication.

In this regard, the first project on "Indian Normative data" is being pursued aggressively to complete these studies within the next six months. Preliminary proposals received have been screened, and the following have been finalized.

  • Dr Sridhar, Dr Umar Farooq: Normative data on finger motion sequence
  • Dr Sridhar: Nail growth in the hand
  • Dr Sridhar, Dr Pawan Agarwal, Dr Yasharth Sharma: Static 2PD measurement in hand
  • Dr Mukund Thatte: Static 2PD measurement in pediatric hand
  • Dr Mukund Thatte: Electrophysiological measurements of upper limb nerves
  • Dr Mukund Thatte, Dr Anil K. Bhat, Dr Umar Farooq: Normative data of Ulnar length in pediatric age groups
  • Dr M. V. Reddy, Dr Anil K. Bhat: Normative data of metacarpals
  • Dr Anil K. Bhat, Dr Pawan Agarwal, Dr Sunil Gaba, Dr Yasharth Sharma: Upper limb measurements & correlation with grip &pinch strength
  • Dr Anil K. Bhat: Normative data of adult carpal measurements
  • Dr Anil K. Bhat: Normative data on radiographic scaphoid measurements
  • Dr Praveen Bhardwaj, Dr Pawan Agarwal, Dr Sunil Gaba, Dr Yasharth Sharma: Normal thumb length in adults
  • Dr Praveen Bhardwaj, Dr Anil K. Bhat, Dr Yasharth Sharma, Dr Umar Farooq, Dr Vishal Champawat: Hand dominance in Indian population
  • Dr Subashini, Dr Anil K. Bhat, Dr Pawan Agarwal, Dr Umar Farooq, Dr Sunil Gaba: Normative data of grip and pinch strength

The principal investigators of these studies have standardized the protocols.

The research wing invites multicentric partners for these studies to make these studies kore balanced with regional representation and increase the sample size.

The requirements to join these study groups would be the following:

  • Official request letter to ISSH research wing to join the study
  • Willingness to work with the Principle investigator as per the standard protocol with honest, accurate data collection and documentation
  • Ethical approval from your respective centre/institute/local ethical committee
  • A pilot study from your centre if the Principle investigator requires
  • Collaboration towards publication and presentation of the study along with the Principle investigator with ISSH support

Please mail to secretary@issh.org and anilkbhat@yahoo.com with your proposals to join the above study groups or propose any new studies