ISSH - Venkata Bodavula Microsurgery Training Fellowship - 2020 - 2022

ISSH is pleased to announce the starting of the following fellowship from the year 2020.

The association of Dr. Venkata Bodavula, Hand and Microsurgeon, St Louis, MO, USA, and our trustee Dr. S. Raja Sabapathy, has resulted in the initiation of the above named fellowship.

This would allow trainees who have shown a commitment to Hand and Microsurgery to undertake the one week long Microsurgery Lab Course at Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore.

There will be 5 fellowships awarded every year.

The fellowship will sponsor the course fee of Rs. 30000/- and the individual will bear the cost of travel and stay.

As per Dr. Bodavula’s request the five fellowships will be named after his mentors.

  • Late Dr. Vedula Satyanaryana
  • Dr. Prof C. Raghuram
  • Dr. Shaw Wilgis
  • Prof. Michael Hausman
  • Prof. David Chiu

The application needs to be only one. The candidates will each be given a certificate with the name of a surgeon in the order in which they come for the course.

The course runs from Monday to Friday and runs throughout the year. The awardees can take the course in a mutually convenient time after fixing up with Dr. S. Raja Sabapathy at
It is not necessary that all the selected candidates should come at the same time.


Any trainee undergoing a course in Hand Surgery, or Orthopaedics/ Plastic Surgery with a demonstrated interest in Hand Surgery is eligible for the fellowship. For the purpose of clarity, the candidate must be undergoing any one of the following courses:

  • FNB or M.Ch in Hand and Microsurgery
  • DNB or M.Ch in Plastic Surgery
  • DNB or M.S. in Orthopaedics

Method of Application

We request ISSH members to identify suitable candidates and sponsor the nomination for the award. Since most of the trainees may not be members of the ISSH, we request ISSH members to identify deserving candidates and propose them by sending their CV with a letter of recommendation to Hon. Secretary, ISSH at

Selection of the candidate will be made by the committee consisting of - The President, ISSH, Hon. Secretary of ISSH and one trustee of the ISSH Trust. The fellowship is to be utilized within 1 year of the announcement of the results.

* The trainee need not be an ISSH member. However the application must be made by an ISSH member recommending the trainee for the fellowship

* All the five awardees will be chosen at once, but each one can complete the training Fellowship any time in next one year

The following fellows have been completed the Fellowship

The awardees for 2022 are:

  1. Dr. Ajay Mareedu, Hyderabad
  2. Gopika Jith, Bhubaneswar
  3. Dr. Ridima Behl, Rishikesh
  4. Tanjum Kamboj, Lucknow
  5. Dr Taruna Singh, Rishikesh

The awardees for 2021 are:

  1. Dr. Chopperla S K S K Dattatreya Sitaram, Manipal
  2. Dr. Kommu Vijay Babu, Hyderabad
  3. Dr. Sravya, Hyderabad
  4. Dr. Maneesh Sharma, Amritsar
  5. Dr. Muthukishore, Bangalore

The awardees for 2020 are:

  1. C. Sravya, Hyderabad
  2. Dattatreya Sitaram, Manipal
  3. Kommu Vijay Babu, Hyderabad
  4. Maneesh Sharma, Amritsar
  5. Muthu Kishore M., Bengaluru
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