Formation of ISSH

In the year 1967, on the side lines of Indian Orthopaedic Association, a Hand Club was formed. This was a year after IFSSH (International Federation for Societies for Surgery of the Hand) held its first meeting. The Hand Club was rightfully solemnised as Indian Society for Surgery of the Hand, on the auspicious day of August 15th, 1973.

The ISSH held its first meeting in Chennai, with Prof. Selvapandian as the Organising Chairman and Prof. R. Venkataswami as the Organising Secretary. The meeting was presided over by Mr Guy Pulvertaft, a British giant in hand surgery.

The first executive council of ISSH was as follows:

  • President

    A. Sengupta, F.R.C.S.,

  • Vice - President

    B. B. Joshi, M.S.,

  • Honarary Secretary - Treasurer

    S. D. Pandey, M.S.,

  • Honorary Editor

    P. V. Joshi, M.S.,


Council Members

  • M. M. Desai, M.S., Ahmedabad

  • D. D. Palande, M.S., Tanjore

  • A. J. Selvapandian, M.S., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S., Vellore

  • H. Srinivasan, F.R.C.S., Chingleput

  • H. R. Thangaraj, F.A.C.S., Salur

The annual meetings of ISSH were regularly held from 1979 onwards and began to be called ISSHCON.

With the pioneers in hand surgery Prof. Brij Bhushan Joshi and Prof. R. Venkataswami leading from the front, hand surgery took roots in the Indian soil. They influenced generations of hand surgeons to come. What remained unique, were adaptations of established techniques, and innovations of new ones, to cater to a billion hands with unique requirements, cultural and social, embedded in Indian lifestyle, for as far back as history and mythology can take us.

Over the years visionary leaders in hand surgery drove ISSH, as Presidents, to great heights. ISSH is thus well poised to lead in facilitating care for the injured hands with its enormous pool of talent and its collaboration with the international societies dedicated to hand surgery, across the world.
Welcome to ISSH !

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